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Carnival Cruise Lines

Name of vessel: Carnival Breeze
Maiden voyage: 2012
Passenger: 4,428
Crew: 1,386
Length: 1,004′

*Known Injuries: Fractured interior pole, fractured patella, fractured fibula, death.

Slip & fall on slippery tile floor.
Slip & fall on slippery metal plate entering buffet.
Doors slamming suddenly on passengers.
Minor standing on the balcony furniture fell over ledge to the deck below.
Zip line excursion – Harnesses separated causing passenger to fall 25-40 feet.

Name of vessel: Carnival Conquest
Maiden voyage: 2002
Passenger: 3,581
Crew: 1,150
Length: 952′

*Known Injuries: Severed Achilles tendon traumatic brain injury, fractured tibia.

Slip & fall on water leaking from defective equipment.
Slip & fall in water on bathroom floor.
Trip & fall to interior stairway.
Ceiling tile fell on passenger’s head.

Name of vessel: Carnival Dream
Maiden voyage: 2009
Passenger: 4,558
Crew: 1,369
Length: 1,004′

*Known Injuries: knees, shoulder, torn tendons, fractured femur.

Slip & fall on water.
Slip & fall on steps getting into hot-tub.
Trip & fall on slippery stairway.
Trip & fall on unattended electrical cords.

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