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What Causes Cruise Ship Accidents?


Determining how many accidents and injuries occur on cruise ships around the globe is challenging.

However, at we keep track of cases that are filed against the cruise lines. This includes lawsuit claims we file on behalf of injured clients as well as cases filed by others. By tracking all cases that are filed we are able to know whether there have been any prior similar incidents on a particular vessel or against a specific cruise line.

Certainly slip and falls are the most prevalent type of injury on a cruise ship. This is because: there is water everywhere, suntan lotions being used around the pools, passengers wearing flip-flops, spills at concessions and buffet lines, and several thousand passengers and crew in a small space. Slip and fall cases need the attention of a qualified maritime attorney and that is because the cruise lines fight falldown cases and claim that “had no knowledge” of the condition that caused the falldown.

Certainly other types of injury incidents occur on a cruise ship. We are presently seeing a rise in incidents involving exiting/entering gangways, on excursions,  passenger v. passenger injuries, and injuries arising from employee mistakes. Many times a cruise ship injury is created by a malfunction of some sort on the vessel. (e.g., elevator, automatic doors, etc.)

These are not easy cases to pursue unless you have an attorney that regularly handles such cases. Cruise lines know which attorneys regularly handle cruise ship injury cases—and they know what attorneys don’t. At we have been successfully handling cruise ship injury cases for more than 25 years. Don’t trust your important cruise ship injury case to anyone other than a specialist.

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