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The attorney specialists at do. And they are located in The Villages.

The first thing to know is that cruise ship injury cases have a very short statute of limitations, usually one year, so you have to be careful about that. (Each situation varies, call us about your case.) There is also a written notice requirement within 6 months of the incident. (Talk to us about that to make sure you are covered on that written requirement.)

You have a law firm right here in The Villages that handles cruise ship injury cases and has been doing so for 25 years. We are very conveniently located on Fennel Boulevard right next to the Lady Lake Police Department. (Next to Miller’s AleHouse and Total Wine at Fennel Blvd and US 441in The Villages.) The law firm of (the law offices of Frank D. Butler, PA). Very few attorneys know the laws that apply to cruise ship injury cases. We have been successfully handling cruise ship injury accidents for clients against all of the cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Holland America, Princess, Disney, MSC, Virgin, Celebrity, and many others.

Types of cases we regularly see:

#1. Falldowns. This includes slip and falls, trip and falls, and also knock-downs by crew and other passengers.

#2. Injuries in the cabins. This also can include fall downs. Failure of equipment in the room. (e.g., chair breaking, bunk bed failure, etc.)

#3. Gangway falldowns. This heavily trafficked area regularly produces injuries.

#4. Tender boat injuries. The small boats that take passengers to port and back regularly result in injuries, and mostly occur when passengers are transferring between the cruise ship and the smaller vessel—especially in rough weather.

#5. Clients hurt by the negligence of other passengers. We pursue both the cruise line if they are at fault, and the passenger if they are at fault in causing you injury.

#6. Employee negligence. Knocking over passengers, spilling or dropping things on passengers.

#7. Assaults by passengers against passengers or by crew against other passengers.

These are just some of the types of cases we have successfully handled for our deserving clients against the cruise lines.

It should be noted that a car accident attorney is not likely to know where to file your case, nor even what law applies to your cruise ship injury case. Florida law does not apply to your cruise ship injury; maritime law does. The attorney you choose needs to know these important factors. We know the law that applies to your case. Car accident attorneys frequently refer their cruise ship injury clients to us. Go straight to the attorney specialists right here in The Villages at and avoid months of delay on your case. Trust our 25 years of successfully handling cruise ship injury cases.



367 Fennell Blvd. Lady Lake, FL 32159

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