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How to Prevent Boating Accidents


It is not surprising that Florida has the most boating accidents in the country year after year. The state with the closest amount of accidents is California, with less than half of Florida’s number for boat crashes. In 2017, there were 723 boating accidents in Florida that caused 60 fatalities and countless injuries. With so many accidents, clearly all boaters are at risk when they are on the water.

For this reason, it is critical that everyone knows how to prevent boating accidents. Knowing the best prevention tactics will not only help keep you safe, but following them can also shield you from potential liability in the event of an accident. Below, our Florida boat crash lawyer outlines ways to stay safe on your vessel.

Do Not Consume Alcohol 

For many people, boating and drinking go hand in hand. While consuming a cocktail under the sun and while on the waves can be tempting, boat operators should never do this. Consuming alcohol is not illegal for boat operators, but it is against the law to be intoxicated while operating any vessel. Additionally, even if you are not under the influence, drinking alcohol while operating a boat can indicate liability if you are involved in a crash.

Check the Weather 

No one wants to be stuck in the rain or heavy winds when they are on a boat and so, many people check the weather before they head out. Remember, though, that weather conditions can change very quickly so you should regularly check the weather conditions while you are on the water.

Maintain and Use Safety Equipment 

Any time you head out on a boat, whether it is yours or a rental, check to make sure it is equipped with the proper safety equipment. This includes lights, life vests, first aid kits, floatation devices, an anchor, fire extinguishers, and more. Safety equipment does not do any good if you do not use it, though. Approximately 81 percent of boating fatalities in 2017 involved people who were not wearing life jackets.

Obtain Proper Training 

Florida law does not require boat operators to receive official training, but it is always recommended. A boating course can help you prepare for emergencies, teach you new skills, and ensure you know how to prevent a boating accident from happening.

Watch Your Speed 

Just as when you are in your car, speeding in a boat can cause you to lose control of the vessel. You may not be able to react in time, or stop before crashing into an object or another watercraft. Always watch your speed while on the water and make sure you remain at or below the speed limit in certain areas, such as no-wake zones.

Our Boat Crash Lawyer in Florida Can Help After an Accident 

Although following the above prevention tips can help you avoid an accident, there are no guarantees on the water. At 888-BOAT-LAW (The Law Offices of Frank D. Butler), our Florida boat crash lawyer can help you determine liability and hold negligent parties accountable for paying the full settlement you deserve. Call us now or chat with us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more.


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