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Ask a Boat Insurance Denial Attorney — Where Is My Insurance Now?


Do you get the feeling your own insurance company has abandoned you? As boat insurance denial attorneys, we see that the most common marine insurance denial in St. Petersburg is for damage to an owner’s own vessel. We have described how the maritime insurers seemingly only want to pay for acts of “trauma” to an owner’s watercraft. Read on to discover how a lawyer can help you even when you have already been denied.

When Your Insurance Doesn’t Want to Cover a Claim

Many St. Petersburg boaters find that their insurer does not want to cover a claim against you and/or your vessel. The claim may be a serious bodily injury claim for someone who has been hurt on, been hurt by, or has sustained property damage because of your boat. Sometimes maritime insurers will deny coverage for these types of claims.

If you are not in the insurance business, you likely went to your agent and obtained coverage for your vessel. You left believing that you had coverage, should anything bad happen. Unfortunately, coverage does not always work that way. Consult with a boat insurance denial attorney in St. Petersburg to see where your policy may be lacking.

How a Boat Insurance Denial Attorney Handles the Case

You are likely wondering how a boat insurance denial attorney can help you after your insurer says “no.” When it comes to boating claims, it appears the first question the insurers ask is not “How can we take care of this for our insured customer?” but rather, “Is there some way we can get out of paying anything on this claim?” Make no mistake — there is an examination of any claim against you by your insurer to find out if they have to cover your situation. Again, many people believe if they cause an injury with their boat, they are covered for everything. Section A of your policy tells you what it covers, “UNLESS.” Section B is the “Exclusions” section, which is where claim denials often come from.

Contact a Boat Insurance Denial Attorney at 888-BOAT-LAW

What you need to know is that the marine insurer’s “no” is not the last word. With a St. Petersburg boat insurance denial attorney, you can fight these types of cases. You need to be aware that if you do not fight a claim against you, it could turn into a judgment against you. If the injured claimant is represented by a true maritime lawyer, they could make a claim against your vessel as well as you.

Here at 888-BOAT-LAW, we are boat insurance denial attorneys. We fight these claims every day. We practice in St. Petersburg and throughout all of Florida, so if you need help, reach out to us today.

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