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What Is the Statute of Limitations in a Cruise Ship Injury Case


It depends upon the facts of your case. That’s why you need to consult a maritime attorney about your cruise ship injury case. In most cases it is a 1-year statute of limitations, but again this depends upon the facts of your case. Don’t guess. Call to talk about your case. Keep in mind that most cruise lines also require you to given written notice of your cruise ship injury claim with detailed information well before the 1-year statute of limitations. That is why you need to call us to talk about your case to be certain for your cruise ship injury case.

This blog could also be called: THE BIG LIE. What does that mean? In just the past 12 months we have talked with 3 attorneys and 2 potential clients who did not know what was the statute of limitations for a cruise ship injury case. In all of these cases they had been communicating with the cruise lines about their injury cases. And in all of these cases the cruise lines kept communicating with the claimants… right up until the time the statute of limitations passed. Then nothing. In every one of these cases the claimants (this includes the 3 car-accident attorneys) wanted to know from us if there was some way around the statute of limitations. This is a position no claimant should be placed in. But it needs to be recognized that the cruise lines will help you go past the statute of limitations. They will talk with you. They will sympathize with you. They may even talk about resolving your case with you. After the statute passes, you will not hear from them.

A second big deception is car-accident and dog-bite attorneys who try to pass themselves off as maritime attorneys.

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For example, we have the opportunity to see many websites of these attorneys trying to get your boating injury or cruise ship injury case. One website we saw for instance mentioned not to talk to any “insurance company” who tries to contact you about your cruise ship injury case. Here’s some news—and truth: the cruise lines don’t use “insurance companies” or insurance adjusters to handle cruise ship injury claims. How do we know this…. because we have handled hundreds of cruise ship cases in more than 25 years of working for injured passengers. We know this because we actually handle these cases. Talk with an attorney right now who specializes in cruise ship injury case like yours.

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