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It’s July the 4th Sandbar Time Again: Islamorada


Islamorada and Sandbar Time

There is something impressive about seeing 100’s of boats, gunnel-to-gunnel, in the sparkling turquoise water anchored over sugar white beach sand in the Florida Keys sun over the 4th of July break. Bikinis, beer, brats, music, what can be better than this? We love it.

But, with the party atmosphere and craziness can come injury. The “Sandbar” at Whale Harbor near mile marker 84 in Islamorada has had its share of injuries and even death. For instance in 2016 a person being towed on an inflatable being towed behind a boat struck a channel marker resulting in head and facial injuries.

It is indicative when a Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officer says “Nobody died”, a statement attributed to Bobby Dube for Memorial Day 2017 referring to the holiday Sandbar weekend.

When incidents occur in a fun and sun setting like this result in injuries it is important to hire a maritime attorney who has handled cases associated with the Sandbar at Whale Harbor in Islamorada. Maritime law will apply to boating, JetSki, towing, and parasailing injuries like these arising from injuries on the water around Whale Harbor. This matters. For these serious boating or JetSki injury cases don’t trust your case to the dog-bite attorney. Your attorney needs to immediately be able to identify which law applies, where the claim has to be made, and has to know the ropes of maritime law. This isn’t the time for an attorney to try on-the-job training with your serious injury claim. We have handled injury many cases in the Keys and specifically including injury arising from the Sandbar at Islamorada.

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