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Puerto Vallarta Parasail Trip Almost Deadly


Near Deadly Parasailing Trip

We have quoted elsewhere on 888-BOAT-LAW.Com that one of the most frequent dangers of parasailing is the risk of the tether breaking. That is what happened to Katie Malone in Puerto Vallarta on June 8. Media reports state that she noticed the towing vessel going one direction and her parasail going another direction. She is very lucky. The news reports state that she remained airborne for 45 minutes after the tether broke. Not long ago we represented a client under the same condition and his parasail collapsed and dropped straight down. Another infamous case off Clearwater Beach on the West coast of Florida, known as “Beiswenger” (the name of the parasail company) resulted in the horrific death of a “flyer” who dropped down onto a construction zone after the parasail company cut the line to the parasail. In Beiswenger the jury found that the parasail company should not have gone out in windy conditions—wherein the parasail began to pull the towing vessel backwards and the crew cut the towing line.

Katie Malone is very lucky. Though the reports are that she sustained broken ribs, a fractured skull and a fractured pelvis, she was lucky not to suffer the worse fate of Eddie Myers in the Beiswenger case.

The fact that this incident with Katie Malone occurred in Puerto Vallarta is going to make it a challenge to recover if she decides to bring a claim against the parasail company. The news reports do not say whether the excursion was tied to a cruiseship cruise, or whether Ms. Malone travelled to Mexico independently of a cruise line. We have also noted elsewhere on 888-BOAT-LAW.Com that excursions are highly touted by cruise lines, but when injuries occur the cruise lines try to disavow any affiliation with the excursion company. In Ms. Malone’s case she landed two miles from where the parasail line broke, at an airport. Very lucky to be alive.

If you or your family member has been involved in a parasailing accident, recognize that of the thousands of attorneys who may be available to look at your case, there are a very select few who have ever handled a parasailing injury case.

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