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Fish Out of Water

This Is Us as Your Attorneys.

This is the dog bite attorney who wants to have your boating accident case.

Have you ever heard the expression: “A fish out of water”? That is the dog bite attorneys who want your boating injury case. Sure, they’d love to take a crack at your case. They’d love to experiment with your Jetski collision case and see how it goes. Do not fall for it.

We have been handling boating and Jetski crash cases for more than 25 years. The laws are vastly different than they are for handling dog bite and auto accident cases. Don’t let them experiment with your boating injury case. This is what we do.

Let them handle the dog bite cases.

Call us now. Let us get started for you. Open Weekends and Holidays. 1-888-BOAT-LAW. We are ready.

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