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Where to File Suit on My Cruise Ship Injury Claim


For many cruise claims they have to be filed in the State of Florida, and for many of those, they have to be filed in Miami in federal court. The passenger ticket is the contract between the passenger and the cruise line. The ticket book contains important information including where a passenger has to file suit and by what date. The ticket book also may contain a notice provision which requires the claimant to provide written notice of the claim within a certain period of time.

These following terms are not applicable to all cruise cases and you need to consult a qualified maritime attorney to know your specific situation. In general, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity, Celebration, and many others require you to file suit in Florida. NOTE: There may be exceptions to all of these. Contact us about your specific case. We are Florida maritime attorneys.

What Is the Time Frame to File Suit on My Cruise Ship Injury Claim?

Again, first thing, consult your ticket book. Your ticket book is the contract between you and the cruise line—and there can be other terms and conditions which that ticket book references. If you do not have your ticket book as many people do not, look on the cruise line’s website for that information. Generally, for most cruise ship claims they must filed within one year of the incident date. NOTE: There may be exceptions. This is not meant as legal advice for any case. Contact us to discuss the specific facts of your case. The important thing to remember is that the statute of limitations is usually shorter for cruise ship injury claims than for most state court injury cases. Don’t wait or you may lose your claim!

Do I Have to Give Notice of My Cruise Ship Injury Claim?

The answer is yes if your ticket book requires it, and most if not all require it. The ticket book is your contract between you and the cruise line. The ticket book has specific conditions with which you must comply if you are bringing a cruise ship injury claim. Often the cruise ship ticket book requires the claimant to give written notice to the cruise line within a certain amount of time—usually within 180 days +/-. Consult YOUR ticket book to find the specific requirements to preserve your cruise ship injury claim. The written notice in the cruise ship ticket books often requires a level of explanation of the incident and the injuries. NOTE: This is not meant to be legal advice. Each case depends upon its own facts. Contact us to talk about your specific situation.

We are maritime attorneys practicing in Florida. We can help you now.

Why Do I Need Florida Maritime Counsel for My Cruise Ship Injury Case?

If your injury claim arose from one of the cruise lines which requires you to file suit in Florida, your attorney needs to be licensed in the State of Florida. It doesn’t matter what state or country you live in if the ticket/contract says suit has to be filed in Florida. There is another practical reason to have a Florida maritime attorney. Our law firm has been practicing maritime law in Florida for 25 years. We know the attorneys who work for the cruise lines.

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