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Florida Boat Accident Lawyer / St. Petersburg Boat Speeding Accident Lawyer

St. Petersburg Boat Speeding Accident Lawyer

Boating is often thought of as a relaxing way to spend a nice day. But most boats are also motorized vehicles. This means that if they are operated in a reckless or negligent manner, that nice day can quickly turn into a nightmare in the event of an accident.

There are many potential causes of a boating accident. At or near the top of that list is excessive speed. Frank D. Butler is an experienced St. Petersburg boat speeding accident lawyer who has successfully represented many clients in obtaining compensation from reckless boat operators and other parties whose actions contributed to a preventable crash. He and his team can help you in investigating all of the potential causes of your accident and determining the role that excessive speed played in your injuries.

The Dangers of Excessive Speeding in Boats

You generally do not see “speed limit” signs posted on waterways. This does not mean, however, that excessive speed is not a safety risk. Quite the opposite. Depending on conditions, such as weather and the amount of boat traffic on the water, excessive speed can be just as dangerous as when you are driving a car. Some of the more common boat speeding accident scenarios we deal with in our practice include:

  • A boat operator has a reduced amount of time to react to the presence of other vessels or persons in the water, leading to a crash.
  • Excessive speed increases the distance necessary to safely stop a boat, and as a result, the operator crashes into a dock, marina, or other stationary object.
  • A passenger inside the boat falls overboard due to the operator pushing the boat to an excessive speed.
  • A speeding boat creates waves that cause other vessels in the water to flip over.

Excessive speed is especially dangerous when boating in less-than-ideal weather conditions or when navigating closed or partially blocked waterways. Even when there is no signage posted indicating boaters should travel at a reduced speed, all boat operators have a legal duty to act in a reasonably safe manner based on the conditions. Keep in mind, a person can be held liable for negligence in a personal injury case even if they did not technically break any laws or safety regulations.

Contact Attorney Frank D. Butler Today

Unlike car accidents, boating accidents caused by excessive speed may fall within the jurisdiction of federal admiralty law. This can raise a number of legal issues that require specialized counsel. Attorney Frank D. Butler has three decades of experience in handling personal injury claims arising under maritime law. And he can put that expertise to work for you and your family.

A boating accident victim may be entitled to compensation for a number of things, including their medical and rehabilitation bills, loss of income, and even their ongoing pain and suffering as a result of trauma from the accident. Our St. Petersburg boat speeding accident lawyers can help you fight for these and other legal damages. Contact us today at 888-BOAT-LAW to schedule an initial consultation.

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