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Florida Boat Accident Lawyer / Clearwater Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

Clearwater Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

Taking a jet ski out on the water is often a fun way to spend an afternoon. But as with any vehicle, a jet ski may become involved in an accident, seriously injuring or even killing its operator. And many times such accidents are the result of negligence by a third party.

If you, or someone that you care about, has been harmed in a jet ski accident, it is important to sit down with someone who can explain your options for seeking legal compensation. Frank D. Butler is a Clearwater jet ski accident attorney with three decades of experience in handling these kinds of maritime law cases. He can represent you in demanding compensation from a negligent boater, jet ski rental company, or any other person or business whose actions–or inactions–contributed to your injuries.

Who Is Responsible for a Jet Ski Accident in Florida?

Jet skis are among the most popular types of recreational watercraft used in Florida. But with that popularity comes increased risk of accidents. Some of the more common causes of such accidents that we have seen include the following:

  • Negligent boaters. Boats often crash into jet skis due to an inattentive or inexperienced boat operator. Many boaters ignore navigational and waterway safety rules. In some cases the boater may even be drunk or under the influence of drugs.

  • Negligent rentals. Many jet ski accidents do not involve any other vehicle. The jet ski itself may have a defect that leads to an accident. If the victim rented their jet ski, the rental company may be liable for failure to properly inspect, repair, and maintain the vehicle.

  • Negligent manufacturers. In some cases, a defective jet ski may be the result of an error made in the design or manufacturing process itself. An accident victim can sue a manufacturer under Florida’s product liability laws to recover damages in such cases.

  • Negligent ownership. If a jet ski accident occurs on a privately owned body of water, such as a lake, the owner of the waterway may be liable for jet ski accidents in certain cases. For instance, if the owner represented the body of water was deep enough to handle a jet ski when it was not.

Given the high speeds at which jet skis typically travel, any accident while aboard one can lead to serious, life-threatening injuries. Jet ski accident victims therefore can seek a wide range of legal damages against all of the responsible parties, such as medical bills, lost wages, and their ongoing pain and suffering.

Contact Attorney Frank D. Butler Today

Accidents involving jet skis and other watercraft often raise legal issues that are distinct from crashes involving land-based vehicles such as cars. So if you have been seriously hurt while aboard a jet ski, you should work with an attorney who regularly handles such cases. If you need to speak with an experienced Clearwater jet ski accident lawyer, contact the offices of Frank D. Butler, P.A., today to schedule an initial consultation.

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