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Florida Boat Accident Lawyer / Sarasota Admiralty Law Lawyer

Sarasota Admiralty Law Lawyer

When accidents and injuries happen on boats or other vessels on navigable waters, you may be able to seek financial compensation by working with an admiralty law attorney. Just as people who are injured in motor vehicle crashes in Sarasota can work with a car accident lawyer to file a claim and to seek compensation, people who are injured in boating accidents can work with an admiralty lawyer to seek compensation from the at-fault or liable party. It is essential to understand that accidents and injuries that occur on Florida waterways usually cannot be handled like regular personal injury cases. Instead, you will need an advocate with experience handling admiralty and maritime law claims. Contact our experienced Sarasota admiralty law lawyer today to find out more about our years of experience handling maritime injuries in Florida.

Understanding Admiralty Law and Maritime Injuries in Sarasota

When are maritime and boating injuries governed by admiralty law? In general, admiralty law has historically been applied to cases involving maritime commerce and to transportation on navigable waters. In the present, any injuries that occur on navigable waters are usually governed by admiralty law, including boating accidents, cruise ship cases, and other types of injury claims that occur on the water. It is important to be clear that all boating accidents are not necessarily governed by admiralty law. In order for admiralty law to apply, an injury must happen on navigable waters, which are waters that can be used for maritime commerce. Accordingly, lakes and ponds are not navigable waters, but oceans, rivers, and many canals or channels are navigable waters.

Navigable Waters in Sarasota and Throughout Florida

What are navigable waters in Sarasota? Any of the following may be navigable waters, which means that admiralty or maritime law may apply to accidents that occur on these waters:

  • Gulf of Mexico;
  • Bays;
  • Harbors;
  • Canals;
  • Rivers;
  • Creeks; and
  • Channels.

Types of Accidents to Discuss with a Lawyer in Sarasota Handling Admiralty and Maritime Law Claims

When accidents occur on navigable waters, the statute of limitations is usually significantly shorter than it would be for a personal injury lawsuit filed under state law. There are also other distinctions that should be discussed with an attorney who has experience handling injury claims that occur on boats, ships, and other vessels. The following are just some of the types of accidents that you should discuss with an admiralty law attorney in Sarasota:

  • Boating accidents and collisions;
  • Jet ski and other personal watercraft (PWC) accidents;
  • Cruise ship accidents; and
  • Accidents that occur while boarding boats or ships from piers or docks.

Contact Frank D. Butler Today

Were you injured in a boating accident or in another type of incident on a vessel or personal watercraft? You could be eligible to seek compensation and to hold the at-fault party accountable. In boat and other maritime injury cases, one or more parties could be liable for your injuries. By working with an admiralty law attorney, you can identify the potentially liable party or parties and can get started on a claim. Contact our experienced Sarasota admiralty law lawyer today to have us assess your case.

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