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Florida Boat Accident Lawyer / Pensacola Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

Pensacola Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

The Gulf of Mexico is just one of the beautiful bodies of water that surrounds Pensacola, but they all make for a beautiful setting to enjoy a day of jet skiing. Jet skiing is a great way to get exercise, and it certainly provides for a thrilling way to do it. Unfortunately, the activity does not come without risks. A number of different accidents can occur on and near jet skis and when they do, people sustain some of the most serious injuries.

Rental companies, manufacturers, and other people in and on the water can all be held liable for paying damages after an accident. Recovering the damages you deserve after an accident, though, is not easy. Our Pensacola jet ski accident lawyer can help you obtain the full settlement you are entitled to.

What Causes Jet Ski Accidents in Pensacola?

Many jet ski accidents are caused by negligent operators. This is particularly true when someone unfamiliar with jet skiing rents one from a rental company. Rental companies are required to provide sufficient training before renting out equipment, but they do not always comply with the law. Still, inexperienced jet ski operators are not the only cause of accidents. Other common causes include:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Improper maintenance
  • Impaired operation due to alcohol or drugs
  • Faulty equipment
  • Speeding
  • Reckless operation

Some of the above common causes may seem out of an accident victim’s control. However, that is not always the case. For example, if conditions were too choppy for an operator to feel as though they could safely operate the vehicle, they should refrain from the activity until conditions clear.

Who is Liable After a Jet Ski Accident in Pensacola?

Multiple parties may be liable, or at fault, for a jet ski accident. These include jet ski operators and passengers, boaters, swimmers, and other people in and around the water. Rental companies can also be held liable if they do not inspect and properly maintain their jet skis and other equipment, while manufacturers can be held liable for faulty or defective jet skis and related equipment.

It is often challenging to determine who is liable after a jet ski accident. For example, a jet ski operator may crash into another vessel. While it would seem as though they are at fault for an accident, a faulty steering column may have prevented them from avoiding the crash. A Pensacola jet ski accident lawyer will conduct a full investigation to determine what caused the crash, and collect evidence to prove it so you obtain the full and fair compensation you need.

Call Our Jet Ski Accident Lawyer in Pensacola for Help

If you have been injured in a jet ski accident, you have many legal options. At The Law Offices of Frank D. Butler, P.A., our Pensacola jet ski accident lawyer has a long track record of successfully helping clients obtain the compensation they need, and we can help you, too. Call us now at 888-262-8529 or connect with us online to speak to our experienced attorney.

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