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Florida Boat Accident Lawyer / Pensacola Admiralty Law Lawyer

Pensacola Admiralty Law Lawyer

Pensacola has just over 50,000 residents, and over one million people visit the city every year. For residents and tourists alike, the Gulf of Mexico and other waterways are one of the biggest draws of the area. While these waterways do provide a great way to fish, jet ski, and take a trip on a boat, these experiences do not always end well. Accidents happen on the water and when they do, victims sustain catastrophic injuries. Sometimes, these accidents are even fatal.

The aftermath of an accident that occurs in, on, or near the water is far more complicated than those that happen on shore. Admiralty law governs these accidents. This legal area is very different from state law, and most people are not as familiar with admiralty and maritime law. If you have been in an accident at sea, our Pensacola admiralty law lawyer can help you claim financial compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Understanding Admiralty Law

Admiralty law deals with accidents, torts, offenses, and other legal disputes that happen in, on, or near navigable or international waters. Admiralty law in the United States once only applied to American tidal waters. Today, the law extends to any waterway that is navigable within the United States for foreign or interstate commerce. Admiralty law involves both federal and international law, which is just one reason it is so complex. While it is always important to work with a lawyer when filing a claim, this becomes even more critical when filing a lawsuit involving admiralty law.

Common Admiralty Laws that Impact Accident Cases

There are many different laws that can impact an accident case. One of the most important laws that affects accident victims is the Death on the High Seas Act. Under this law, family members of accident victims can file a lawsuit against negligent or careless parties when a loved one has suffered a wrongful death. The majority of claims filed under the Death on the High Seas Act involve accidents that have happened on boats and other watercraft. In rarer cases, it also applies to fatal airplane crashes in the sea.

In order for this law to apply, the accident must have happened at least three nautical miles from the United States’ coastline. When a fatal accident occurs within three nautical miles of the country’s coast, the wrongful death laws of Florida will generally apply.

The Jones Act and The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act are two admiralty laws that impact workers who have been injured on the job while at sea. Both of these statutes allow injured workers to file a claim against their employer for compensation.

Our Admiralty Law Lawyer in Pensacola Can Assist with Your Case

If you have been injured while at sea, do not try and file a claim on your own. At The Law Offices of Frank D. Butler, P.A., our Pensacola admiralty law lawyer can explain the law and how they impact your case so you can obtain the full and fair settlement you are entitled to. Call us now at 888-262-8529 or reach out to us online to speak to our attorney today.

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