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How Many Passengers Cruise Each Year on Cruise Ships?


According to Cruise Line International Association (“CLIA”), the industry association organization, 28.2 million passengers sailed on cruise ships in 2018, up from 26.7 million passengers in 2017, and ridership is expected to reach 30 million passengers in 2019.

Where Do Cruise Ships Travel Most?

Cruise Line International Association (“CLIA”) the industry association organization estimates that deployment is most prevalent in the Caribbean at 34. 4%, the Mediterranean is next at 17.4%, Europe 11.1% is third, China is fourth with 4.9%, and Alaska, by comparison, is at 4.7%.

How Much Money Does Cruise Ship Travel Generate?

CLIA, the Cruise Line International Association, estimates that in 2017, for example, the cruise line industry generated $45.6 billion dollars in wages and salaries, sustained 1.1 million jobs, saw 26.7 million passengers, and generated $134 billion dollars worldwide.

Where Do Most Cruise Ship Passengers Come From?

The industry association, Cruise Line International Association, projects that the U.S. leads with 11.9 million passengers, China is next with 2.4 million passengers, Germany is third with 2.2 million passengers, the United Kingdom is fourth with 1.93 million, and Australia is fifth with 1.4 million passengers. Several other countries (Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil) make up the remainder of the top ten countries which originate cruise ship passengers yearly.

What New Cruise Ships Are Coming in 2019?

In 2019 the major cruise lines are expected to debut new vessels. Here are some of the cruise lines and their intended launches:

Carnival Cruise Lines — Carnival Panorama

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – Spectrum of the Seas

Norwegian Cruise Lines – Norwegian Encore

Princess Cruise Lines – Sky Princess

Celebrity Cruise Lines — Celebrity Flora

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