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How Many Boats Are in Florida?


How Many Vessels Are There in Florida?

There are 961,266 registered boats in the State of Florida for the year 2019. These are the last numbers released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (“FWC”). The FWC reports numbers for the previous year. For the year of 2018 it was 950,740 vessels. For 2017 the number was 944,162. The number of vessels is increasing by about 1% every year, however, indications that we have from the market are that 2020 will exceed that average. With Covid-19 limiting recreational options many chose boating as their outdoor recreation outlet. We’ve heard from many sources that boat sales have been very strong for 2020.

Also figuring into that expected increase is the rising numbers of boats put on the water by boat rental outlets (also known in boating law as (“liveries”) and boat clubs.

Boating laws differ greatly from those applicable to auto accidents and land-based law. Make sure the attorney you choose has experience with multiple boating cases. Not just one, or maybe two over the years. Special statutes apply to JetSki injury cases, boating crashes, and to liveries that rent vessels to customers. Presently we are handling numerous boating injury cases right now. Clients—and attorneys referring their boating injury cases to us—place their trust in our 25 years of handling boating injuries cases in our hands.

Do not be fooled by attorneys who do not handle these types of cases. Do not let them fumble around with your case. We are boating injury attorneys and handle boating accident cases throughout Tampa Bay and all of Florida. Call us any time, weekends and holidays, at


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