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Florida Boat Accident Lawyer / Clearwater Maritime Accident Lawyer

Clearwater Maritime Accident Lawyer

Accidents that occur on or within waterways fall within a special type of federal jurisdiction known as a maritime law. For example, if you are injured in a slip and fall accident on a cruise ship, your personal injury claim would likely fall under maritime law. Similarly, if you are riding a jet ski and hit by a careless boater, that too would be a matter of maritime law.

These cases are governed by much different rules than other types of personal injury claims like car accidents or slip-and-falls in a supermarket. You need a Clearwater maritime accident lawyer who is experienced with this type of jurisdiction and understands how to fight–and win–a case on behalf of their clients. Attorney Frank D. Butler has represented many people in seeking compensation for maritime injuries, and he can fight on your behalf to hold the negligent parties accountable for your accident.

Does Maritime Jurisdiction Cover My Accident?

Maritime or admiralty jurisdiction covers a wide range of accidents involving both watercraft and people connected with such vessels. Some of the more common maritime law issues we deal with include:

  • Boat crashes;
  • Commercial fishing boat accidents;
  • Cruise ship accidents;
  • Ferry accidents;
  • Jet ski accidents;
  • Accidents involving rental boats; and
  • Dock and marina accidents.

There are often specific federal statutes that govern a particular type of maritime accident. The Admiralty Act, for instance, allows people to sue the United States government in certain cases where a ship owned by the government causes an accident. The Jones Act covers injuries to seamen in the course of their employment, even if the accident in question does not actually happen while a ship is at sea. Similarly, the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act provides benefits similar to workers’ compensation for maritime workers who are not part of a ship’s crew.

What Compensation Is Available for a Maritime Accident?

Maritime accidents often lead to serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries. In assessing your case, our maritime accident lawyers will investigate the full measure of your damages and gather evidence of negligence to support your claim. Damages in these cases reflect your losses caused by the accident itself. This can cover:

  • Your reasonable past and future medical expenses;
  • Your loss of earning capacity, which includes both past lost wages due to your injuries as well as diminished potential to earn a living in the future; and
  • Your ongoing pain and suffering.

In cases where someone has died as the result of a maritime accident, the Death on the High Seas Act permits a spouse, child, or other dependent family member to seek damages for wrongful death against the owner or operator of a ship. Damages in these cases often include funeral expenses and loss of existing or expected financial support from the deceased.

Contact Attorney Frank D. Butler Today

Maritime accident cases are often quite a bit more complex than your traditional personal injury claim. So if you have been injured in such an event it only makes sense to seek out a qualified Clearwater maritime accident lawyer. Contact Frank D. Butler, P.A., today to schedule an initial consultation.

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