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Florida Boat Accident Lawyer / Blog / Boating Accidents / 5 Myths About Finding a Boating Accident Attorney .

5 Myths About Finding a Boating Accident Attorney .

  1. All Personal Injury Attorneys Know How to Handle a Boating Accident Case. No they don’t. Yes, all personal injury attorneys will take in your boating accident case, but that doesn’t mean they know the law relating specifically to boating accidents. Boating law is not car accident law. It is not slip and fall law. Specific laws and rules apply to boating accident cases.

  2. The Insurance Adjusters and Defense Attorneys Assigned to My Case Won’t Be Specialists. Yes they will. Marine insurance companies assign adjusters and defense attorneys—experienced in boating law–to fight your boating accident case. If you choose a car accident attorney to handle your claim, they will be going against an adjuster and defense attorney that is experienced and well versed in maritime law. It will be apparent immediately to the insurer whether your attorney knows boating law.

  3. I Can Wait to Pursue My Boating Accident Claim. Not if you want to preserve the evidence for your boating accident case. Electronic evidence—like GPS data—needs to be retrieved immediately. Contact with law enforcement needs to be made quickly to make sure evidence is preserved. Preservation of evidence can be the difference between you making a recovery for your boating injury or not. Even photos or texts on cell phones need to be preserved. (Those cell photos contain metadata relevant to your case.)

  4. The At-Fault Party Will Admit They Were at Fault. The at-fault person may have told you at the scene of the boating casualty that they were “sorry” about the situation or may have verbally admitted it was their “fault”, but that does not mean they will say the same after talking with their friends, family, or the insurance adjuster. You need to act, and you need to act quickly to help your boating accident case. Do not wait to have witnesses contacted, photographs preserved, texts and emails preserved—in addition to the electronic data your boating accident attorney will obtain for you.

  5. Experienced Boating Law Attorneys Don’t Matter in the Success of My Boating Accident Case. That is incorrect. At our boating injury law firm we handle boating accident cases every single day for injured boating clients. It is not a side job. This is specifically what we do. We are boating injury specialists. Don’t trust your case to a law firm whose practice revolves around auto accidents and dog bite cases. We have battled the boating insurance companies and won. You can have confidence in our 25 years of boating accident experience. We Are Ready to Help You Right Now.

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