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Handshake is a highly specialized law firm focused on boating injury and cruise ship injury cases for injured clients. This highly successful practice has a proven great recovery track record for its clients. has never worked for an insurance company or cruise line, but represents only injured people, our deserving clients.

How Is Different Than Other Florida Law Firms?

How is different than other law firms? Fact: The Florida Bar states there are more than 107,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Florida. There is no clear count on how many of those attorneys handle personal injury cases but it is clear that most who do are handling car accident cases, fall downs, dogbites, etc. However, for almost all Florida boating accidents, JetSki accidents, and cruise ship cases, the laws that apply to car accidents is not the correct law that applies to boating cases, JetSki and cruise ship cases. Those cases fall under a specialized set of laws known as “maritime” law.  Though there may be hundreds or even thousands of car accident law firms, there are perhaps as few as 10 to 12 law firms in Florida who regularly practice in maritime law. What this means for your boating injury, JetSki crash, or cruise ship injury case is that you want a specialist who not only knows the correct law but you want the law firm that has successfully handled and obtained recoveries for families and victims for more than 25 years in Florida. You found that specialist law firm.

Does handle cases in my area of Florida?

Yes. has cases and handles cases throughout all of Florida. Everywhere there is water handles cases there for clients injured by negligent boaters, for JetSki crashes, and cruise ship injury cases. Right now we have cases throughout the State of Florida. Note that most cruise ship injury cases are required to be filed—if suit becomes necessary—in Miami and we are there. At this specific time we have multiple cruise ship cases in Miami, boating accident cases in the Florida Keys, multiple boating injury cases in the Florida Panhandle, multiple boating injury cases in the Tampa Bay area, and in the Ft. Myers and Naples area, injury cases in Cape Canaveral, in Jacksonville, cases in Crystal River, and from the Orlando area, just to name only a few of the cases where we are helping our clients recover.

This is what also makes us at different. While a car accident or dogbite attorney may get a boating injury case once every five years, in comparison, this is what we do every day. If you had to choose a surgeon would you choose a surgeon who only does that surgery once every five years or would you choose a surgeon who regularly and successfully completes the surgery.

We are attorneys working for injured boating, JetSki and cruise ship accident victims. We are, a law firm achieving successful results for our clients for more than 25 years.


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