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If you were injured on a JetSki tour you are not alone.  See if any of these things happened to you which lead to your injury.

  • Another tour member ran into you.
  • The tour guides left you.
  • The JetSki malfunctioned and caused a crash.
  • A wake from a large vessel caused injury to you.
  • You were a new rider and never received any meaningful training.
  • The tour took you out into a busy waterway which ended in injury.

How do we know these causes of injuries on JetSki Tours?  Because we, the maritime attorneys at have handled every one of these types of cases successfully for our injured clients.


Right now what you need to be concerned about is getting the right lawyer to handle your case. If you choose a dogbite or car accident attorney, then good luck to you, you are going to need it. JetSki injury cases are not governed by the same laws that cover car accidents. But every attorney who does car accidents and dogbites has a website that says they handle JetSki injury cases—even if they have never handled one of them, ever. Let us explain why your choosing the right attorney is so important.

First of all, most of the Jetski Tour and Jetski rental businesses in Florida are smart enough now to have you sign a Release of their liability before they allow you on their tour or before you rented their Jetski. This means that your attorney better know how to get the Release knocked down, because if they can’t tell you how they intend to do that, then you will not recover anything for your injuries. Ask the car accident/dogbite attorney how many of these Releases they have gotten struck down, the answer will be zero, we are confident.  It is one thing to “say” you handle JetSki injury cases, it is another thing to actually have handled those cases like we do and recover for our injured deserving clients. At we don’t have to pretend, and that’s because we have been handling JetSki accident cases for 25 years. We are handling JetSki injury cases right now for our clients. We don’t have to “learn” the law that applies to this type of case, we already handle JetSki injury cases, boating accidents, and cruise ship injury cases every day of the week.

Sure, any attorney can say they can handle your JetSki case, but when you ask them what specifically will they do about the Release that you signed with the JetSki tour company or JetSki rental, you will understand why you need a specialist for your case. Make them be specific as to how they would beat that Release.  If the car accident attorney cannot tell you right away what they would do, then you have your answer as to whether that is the law firm for you. One other test question, if the attorney you are looking at cannot immediately name the two Florida Statutes that do apply to JetSki cases, hang up the phone. (Those two statutes are FS 327.39 and FS 327.54.)

If you want attorneys who are specialists in JetSki tour injuries and JetSki accidents, you have found the right law firm. You can also trust our 25 years of handling JetSki collisions and other all injuries related to JetSki use. At JetSki and boating injury cases are what we do. This is not an occasional sideline.

We know how to beat the Releases and we are the specialist attorneys for your JetSki injury case.


888-B-O-A-T-L-A-W  (888-262-8529), or contact us through our website at www.888BOATLAW.COM.

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