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If you have been involved in a boating accident injury case, JetSki collision, or cruise ship injury accident, hire a boating accident attorney. Don’t hire a pretender. At we are real boating accident attorneys. This is not our sideline. This is the legal work for injured claimants that we handle every day of the week. Don’t hire a dog-bite or car accident attorney to handle your important and serious boating accident injury case in Florida.

Here is a test for the pretenders we see every day who advertise they know how to handle boating accident cases.  So test them and ask the following questions:

  1. Ask them what law applies to your case if it occurs a mile offshore Florida.

(Maritime law, not Florida law.)

  1. If my injury accident occurs in the intra-coastal waters of Florida what law applies?

(Again, it is maritime law, not Florida law.)

  1. If I was hurt on a cruise ship, where does suit have to be filed?

(In most cases, in Miami in federal court.)

  1. If a boating accident involved a rental boat can the attorney right then name the Florida Statute which governs that situation?

(It’s F.S. 327.54)

  1. What Florida Statute governs the operation of JetSkis in Florida?

(It’s F.S.327.39)

  1. What is the statute of limitations for a boat accident that occurs 1 mile offshore Florida?

(In most cases it is 3 years. No it’s not 2 years like a car accident would be.)

  1. Why is it important to know what law applies to a boat accident?

Because where suit has to be filed, and when it has to be filed, and what options you have depends on first knowing what law applies.

For the majority of boating accident cases in Florida, maritime law applies, not Florida law.  That is why it is important to avoid the pretenders.

If you are looking at other attorneys—like the dog-bite or car accident attorney who says on their website they “know boats”–and they do not know the answers to those 7 fundamental questions above then you need to: run out of there.


Yes. We get a big laugh when we read some of those websites of the car accident attorneys who pretend to handle boating accident cases. Then we read some of the incorrect “information” posted on their websites and recognize they do not know anything about handling boating accident cases.  You might notice on some of our competitors’ websites that they list they can do 20-30 different types of injury cases. They claim to handle everything from car accident cases, neurological birth injuries, aviation cases, fall downs, dog-bites, medical malpractice, motorcycle, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians, etc. And then they will say, (surprise!) they also handle boating accident cases. Except that they don’t really know much of anything about how to handle a boating accident case. If you doubt this, ask them the 7 questions above and you will know the truth.  The car accident attorney may try to fumble around with your boating accident case.  The problem with this is the boating insurance company personnel will have adjusters knowledgeable in the law—and the attorneys that the insurance company hires to fight against your case will be experienced maritime attorneys.

When it comes to choosing a boating accident injury attorney for your case, choose the experience of our 25 years successfully representing boating accident victims, and JetSki collision claimants, and cruise ship injury victims.

Do we handle aviation cases or divorce cases, criminal cases, real estate or bankruptcy cases? No. We handle boat injury cases, JetSki injury cases, and cruise ship injury cases every day throughout all of Florida. We are attorney specialists in boating accident cases.

We know the answers to the boating accident cases, cruise ship injuries, and JetSki collision cases.  Don’t trust the dog-bite or car accident attorneys to fumble your important boating injury case.



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