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Boating Accident Attorney on the Weekend or Holiday


Yes we are open on weekends and holidays for boating and JetSki accidents.

There are two very good reasons why we are open on weekends and holidays for boating injury accidents. First, we know from experience—25 years of boating accident experience–that this when the majority of boating accidents and JetSki collisions occur. A second reason is that we recognized unless evidence from your boat injury or Jetski case is preserved, it can be lost forever. Data from a boating injury or JetSki injury case can be lost if not obtained quickly from the vessel(s) involved. For instance, GPS data, that is now available on many vessels, can be lost if it is not downloaded by a specialist, and preserved. Continued use of the vessel and that GPS, for instance, can be over-written if the data regarding the incident is not saved.

It is important to get to the witnesses before the insurers or defense counsel have a chance to bend the testimony of the witnesses. Also, we have seen over the years that witnesses may be willing to help initially because of the immediacy of the injury and their involvement, but as time goes on witnesses become less and less interested in helping you. Also, witnesses’ memory can fade quickly. Photos taken on the date of the incident can be deleted. Text messages can be deleted if not obtained very quickly after the boating or JetSki accident. This is why as your attorneys we track down witnesses as soon as possible from the boating accident.

It is also critically important to immediately place all potentially responsible parties on notice of your boating accident injury claim. This “NOTIFICATION” does several things. First, it places the owner of the vessel involved in a boating injury case to preserve all evidence—all electronic data, and static data, and to preserve the vessel itself. Second, it places the vessel owner on notice to turn the claim over to his/her insurer. This is important because if the owner does not timely turn the claim over to the insurer, then the insurer can try to refuse to pay your claim. You don’t want that to happen, because then you are left to chase the owner for your injuries. We immediately follow up with at-fault parties to make sure they are notifying their insurer, and then we verify coverage and work for you.

The Insurers Know Which Attorneys Handle Boating Accident Cases–and They Know Who Does Not.

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Don’t be fooled by the dog-bite attorneys who say they can handle your case. The insurers know who handles boating accident and JetSki accident injury cases. Yes, the dog-bite attorney may have had a boating case ten years ago. Our maritime law firm—”maritime” law is the law that applies to most boating injury cases in Florida—handles boating injury cases every day of the week and has been doing so for 25 years. This is not a sideline for us. This is what we do every day.

When a non-maritime attorney talks to an experienced insurance adjuster who handles boating injury claims the adjuster can tell very quickly whether the attorney has experience in maritime cases. Doesn’t know the navigational Rules of Road? Doesn’t know port from starboard? Talks about the case like it is a car accident case? It is very easy to spot the attorney who does not have experience handling boating accident cases. What is more scary is that if the attorney does not know the on-the-water basics, they very likely do not know the (maritime) law that applies to your case, nor the statute of limitations that applies to your case. Many law firms say they are open on the weekend to take in your personal injury case, but careful to chose a maritime law firm with experience to handle your boating injury case or JetSki injury case.

How to Know What Attorney to Choose for My Boating Accident Injury Case

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Every attorney who does personal injury cases advertises that they also handle boating injury cases. So how to know what attorney to choose for your boating accident injury case? First, does that car accident law firm have 25 years of handling boating accident cases? Does that car accident law firm work on boating accident cases every day like this law firm does? Are they specialists in boating injury cases, or is this a type of case they see every five or ten years? If you needed a surgeon would you go with the one who had done that type of surgery once every five or ten years? No, you would go with the surgeon who regularly does that type of surgery and whose experience greatly exceeds the other.

Maritime law, and boating accidents and JetSki accidents are our focus.

You should get started on your boating accident case immediately. Vital information and data can be lost if not pursued quickly. That is why we are open to talk with you on weekends and holidays. We know the importance of your case and getting started on it immediately.

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