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The law offices of are open on weekends and holidays.

We have witnessed in 25 years representing injured boat crash victims and JetSki victims that many of these injury cases happen on weekends and on holidays like Spring Break, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day. We are open.

It is very important that evidence from your case be preserved. It can be the difference between recovering for your medical bills, lost wages, and injuries. Boats have electronics which need to be preserved but which data can be recorded over or lost if not pursued immediately. Also, we know from experience that better information is obtained when we immediately contact and interview all law enforcement involved in investigating your accident. We have literally seen that photos and video taken by law enforcement can disappear if not pursued immediately.

Many times an injured person believes that they and an at-fault person have the same understanding about who is responsible for a boat crash injury, but only later find out that the at-fault boat operator changed their story after speaking with friends, family, an insurance adjuster, or a defense attorney.  It is important to begin preserving the evidence in your case immediately and to retain us to contact all witnesses in your case. The maritime attorneys here at have seen repeatedly that the at-fault boat driver or JetSki driver changes their story about how an accident occurred.  That is why it is important to retain us right away to preserve the evidence to prove your injury case.

Because very serious boat crash and boat injury cases occur on the weekends and during holidays we are open.  We are not just talking about an answering service taking a message, or Chatbot taking your information, we mean you can talk with one of our attorneys on the weekendSame on holidays.

Not sure how to proceed after your boat injury or JetSki injury accident, call us to preserve your claim and your recovery rights. Don’t lose valuable evidence that can be the difference in your case.

One other thing you need to know is that car crash and dogbite attorneys rarely know about this specialized area of law. Almost all boat injury cases and JetSki injury cases are governed by maritime law, not the laws of the State of Florida. Your case is not a car crash. It is not a dogbite case.  Hire the specialist attorneys who handle this type of case every day. You can trust our 25 years’ experience in successfully recovering for injured clients. This is why our boating accident and JetSki collision attorneys are available to talk with you on weekends and even holidays.  There is no charge to you unless we win for you.  Remember, preservation of evidence, talking with witnesses, and interviewing law enforcement is very important to your injury case and can be the difference in your recovery or not.  Engage us to work immediately on your case for you.


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